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Bi- and multi-stable structures, including origami structures, allow to rapidly release stored strain energy as they transition between various equilibrium shapes. These snap-through transitions between stable configurations enable the generation of rapid and amplified deformations. The application of bi- and multi-stability to soft actuators and robots has attracted significant research interest. Previous and current work demonstrated numerous innovative applications of bi- and multi-stability. These include single-input control mechanisms, high-speed actuations for jumping robots, significant shape reconfigurations, adaptive sensing, mechanical logic computations, and more.



This workshop aims to showcase recent developments and foster connections among researchers exploring multistability in the field of soft robotics.

Invited Speakers


Cynthia Sung

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Mingchao Liu.png

Mingchao Liu

University of Birmingham, England


Shingo Maeda

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Andres F. Arrieta.jfif

Andres F. Arrieta

Purdue University, Indiana


Hanqing Jiang

Westlake University, China


Evgueni Filipov

University of Michigan, Michigan


Jiayao Ma

Tianjin University, China

Kyu-Jin Cho.png

Kyu-Jin Cho

Seoul National University, South Korea


Damiano Pasini

McGill University, Canada


Zeynep Temel

Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania

Johannes T.B. Overvelde.jfif

Johannes T.B. Overvelde

AMOLF, Netherlands

Tommaso Ranzani.jpg

Tommaso Ranzani

Boston University, Massachusetts

Home: Speakers


amir gat delete_edited.png

Amir Gat

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Robert Shepherd.jpg

Robert Shepherd

Cornell University, New York


Ezra Ben Abu

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Ofek Peretz.jfif

Ofek Peretz

Cornell University, New York

Yoav Matia.png

Yoav Matia

Ben Gurion University, Israel

May 13th - Monday 

 09:00-09:15  Workshop Introduction

 09:15-09:20  Opening Remarks

 09:20-09:40  Yoav Matia - Mirroring Nature's Functionality: Artificial Cnidocyte - A Tunable Bi-Stable Fluid-Structure Interaction

 09:40-10:00  Kyu-Jin Cho - Bioinspired Robots using Bistability for Fast Movement and Posture Retention

 10:00-10:20   Johannes T.B. Overvelde - Harnessing Instabilities to Embody Intelligence in Soft Robots

 10:20-10:40   Coffee Break

 10:40-11:00  Amir Gat - Flow-Controlled Shape-Morphing Structures with Multiple Stable End-States

 11:00-11:20  Zeynep Temel - TBD

 11:20-11:40  Robert Shepherd - Bang Bang – Millisecond Sense and Respond Loop Using Explosive Actuation of Bistable Structures

 11:40-13:00  Lunch Break with Posters

 13:00-13:20  Jiayao Ma - A Humidity-powered Soft Robot with Fast Rolling Locomotionility

 13:20-13:40  Ezra Ben Abu - Directed Instability as a Mechanism for Fabricating Multistable Twisting Micro-Structure

 13:40-14:00  Andres F. Arrieta - Underactuated Control in Soft Robotics from Hierarchical Multistability

 14:00-14:20  Coffee Break

 14:20-14:40  Tommaso Ranzani - Enabling Percutaneous Beating Heart Procedures Through Soft Robotics

 14:40-15:00  Cynthia Sung - Algorithmic Design of Origami Robots

 15:00-15:20  Evgueni Filipov - Origami with Mixed-Transducers for Functional Micro-Robots

 15:20-15:40  Coffee Break

 15:40-16:00  Ofek Peretz - Multistable Metafluid based Energy Harvesting and Storage

 16:00-16:20  Hanqing Jiang - Soft Materials and Origami-based Structures for Robotics and the Metaverse

 16:20-16:40  Damiano Pasini - TBD

 16:40-17:00  Coffee Break

 17:00-17:20  Mingchao Liu - Dynamic Shell Snapping and Jumping: Enabling Behaviour through Power Transformation

 17:20-17:40  Itai Cohen - TBD

 17:40-18:00  Shingo Maeda - Instabilities of Belousov-Zhabotinsky gel actuators


Preliminary Program

The program is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the conference.




The upcoming conference will be held at the Pacific Convention Plaza, located in Yokohama, Japan. Stay tuned for more detailed information on the exact location within the venue, which will be communicated at a later time.

Pacific Convention Plaza, Yokohama, Japan.jpg
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